Monday, March 26, 2007

It'll soon be a year since I last posted (life is BUSY!!!!), and Anna's eyes have changed . . . not for the better. A few months ago, Anna's left eye had significant inflammation. We tried increasing the Methotrexate. No change. Added Cylcosporine. In two weeks, the inflammation was even worse. Now we've increased the Cyclosporine and added Pred Forte drops (and a drop at night to dilate her left pupil). As of Friday past, there was some improvement (probably due to the eye drops). The eye drops can only be temporary, because the Pred Forte drops have a history of making Anna's eye pressures rise. This is a very bumpy part of the JA journey. A little scary. Friends and family have been so supportive and encouraging. What would we do without our support system? Thought I'd post a new picture or two. Anna's brother Joel saw the last picture, and he said, "Mom, that's a REALLY old picture. You need to post a new one."