Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time for a Change . . . . .

Anna had another eye appointment today. She's had inflammation in the left eye for about two months now (at least). Four weeks ago, it was determined that we could give the increased dose of Methotrexate a chance to work. Today, there is still moderate inflammation. Another telephone mini conference between the doctors, and now we will switch to Cellcept (replacing her Cyclosporine with Cellcept, but continuing the Methotrexate). There are many reasons for this decision, and for those who want/need more details (if you are traveling a similar journey, etc.), let me know, or ask me some specific questions, and I'll fill you in. To all of my Facebook friends who have been so supportive in your thoughts, prayers, and written encouragements, I thank you from the bottom of my heart (and I apologize that it took me about a month to give you an update). (For blogger people, this blog is sent to Facebook, and most conversations with other JA moms/friends take place there).

Life continues to be crazy and busy. Our oldest daughter moved to her college campus in June (it's local, so we still see her frequently, but she is having a great time--working there for the summer--and eagerly anticipating her freshman year of college, majoring in broadcasting). In the past month, we've attended two weddings and three funerals. Our son had a bad encounter with poison when he was earning money by weeding for a friend. He is now on Prednisone (had to increase that dose). I'm getting to know our area pharmacists very well! (And we've had a few too many trips to doctors' offices this summer for my liking.)

We've been able to get Methotrexate, although not in the tiny little vials. I just picked up Anna's Methotrexate today, and they substituted huge vials (the small vials are on backorder). I think we have enough to last for three months! They gave me a handwritten note which said I should use the vials once and then throw it out, but I spoke with Anna's doctor, and he said that we can use it for more than one dose as long as we refrigerate it (we always do) and check it to make sure it's not cloudy.

I've been burning the candle at both ends lately and really just need a good night's sleep or a good long nap. But I have a long mental "to do" and "must do" list for tomorrow. :o)