Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Increase . . . :o/

Anna's eye appointment for this month kept getting switched around, because her ophthalmologist is moving his practice, and the moving week has continued to shift (building inspections, etc.), and we've had to take into account our vacation schedule. (Even though we're taking some day trips and could be home here and there, I have learned to refuse to schedule appointments for any of us during our vacation week---more relaxing that way!). So the most recent move was from an appointment on June 21st, when Anna already has an MRI scheduled in the same town, to today (which was our originally scheduled date six weeks ago!). Not complaining! I know these things are unavoidable when construction is involved, and I was mainly feeling sorry for the lovely and sweet receptionist who has had to call a week's worth of patients (several times) to reschedule their appointments.

In many ways, I wish we could have kept this scheduled for after our vacation week instead of right before. Although the right eye is "almost clear" (A big hooray for that!), the inflammation in the left eye has increased to between a trace of cells and a 1 (on a scale of 1-4). So the ophthalmologist called the rheumatologist to get some input (the rheumatologist prescribes and monitors all of the systemic medications). I was sincerely praying that the rheumatologist would once again just talk the ophthalmologist into prescribing eye drops for the short term to get the inflammation down (I knew that if Scott were with us, that's what he'd be wanting), but the rheumatologist decided instead to increase the Methotrexate (he did refuse to tweak the Humira---I gathered that from hearing one side of the conversation--and I'm very grateful for that! I've heard his views on that before, and I know that Anna is currently at the max for Humira to his way of thinking---he explained enough and so thoroughly that I am in wholehearted agreement on that subject.)

Even though Anna has been on higher doses of Methotrexate in the past, the increase in the oral form makes me a bit nervous. Her digestive system used to not handle five of those little pills very well. We're increasing to six.

This morning I was in a pretty good mood! I worked in the office until right before lunch, had the KLOVE station ( online feed, and I spent most of the morning singing along with the music as I worked to get everything done and was eagerly anticipating not having to show up at the office for about ten days. (Enough to thrill anyone!) Then I called to check on the church's laptop (at the "hospital" at Staples with the EasyTech guys), and they said that the motherboard has been corrupted and will call me at home with a quote. (Hmmm...not the best of news!, but I could put that on the back burner for a little bit). Anna's eye appointment wasn't all that bad (could have been a whole lot worse), and I'll work through my angst about the increase in Methotrexate, and it will all be alright. We'll put that out of our minds long enough to enjoy the events and family time we have planned for the upcoming week. At least we don't have another eye appointment until six weeks from now (MRI on the 21st; appointment with the rheumatologist on July 9th).

Thanks, as always, for listening, for your support, and for your prayers. I know God sees all that is happening (the current theme for my small group study on Sunday mornings---"God sees"), and I know He walks with us through all of this. Sometimes we feel that, and sometimes we don't and walk by faith instead, during those times. Sometimes He uses some of YOU to help us know (in big and small ways) how much He sees and cares. Thanks!