Friday, August 22, 2008

"They Look Like Fireflies!"

Today I feel like summer is officially coming to an end, since this was the last weekday of summer, with school beginning on Monday. (We went up to school to visit her classroom today and see all the families from our corner of town --- it was like a neighborhood party! We also took Anna for a hair trim.)

The summer has been extraordinarily busy! (Guess that's par for the course with three active kids.) I haven't added to this blog lately, because we went from June to August with no doctor's appointments for Anna. (That's a good thing!) Last week, she had two appointments: one with the rheumatologist on Tuesday, then with the ophthalmologist on Thursday. I was just a little nervous about the Thursday appointment, because we had missed a few doses of medication, plus we had lowered the dose of Cyclosporine several weeks ago (Anna was developing gingival hyperplasia---overgrowth of the gums, which is a possible side effect of the Cyclosporine). I just wasn't sure whether those variables would cause Anna's eyes to flare.

Nevertheless, she had a decent appointment, with the ophthalmologist seeing only about two cells in her left eye (right eye was clear). This may be a TEENY flare since last time, because I think eight weeks ago, the verdict was "barely a trace." We can go another eight weeks between now and the next appointment. (What a RELIEF!).

I like having Anna's eye appointments on Thursdays, because that's the day a pediatric resident from Hershey Med follows Dr. M. around (parents learn so much more information when specialists are teaching residents! At least that's what I've found to be true.). Anyway, Dr. M. let the resident look at the interior of Anna's left eye with the slit lamp instrument to see the evidence of uveitis. As the resident looked, she said, "Oh! I see! They look like fireflies!" Anna and I thought this exclamation gave us a great mental picture of what is going on in her eyes. We can handle a trace of "fireflies" in her eyes without too much worry. We just don't want those "fireflies" taking over.

I just got a new camera and am still getting used to it and the settings. I will try to post a few photos here and there as I get some good ones.