Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Appointment Today . . .
. . . and the verdict is . . . still moving in the right direction. The right eye is essentially clear; the left eye has trace cells. Her pressures are back in the normal range (since we stopped giving her the Pred Forte eye drops). A good appointment. Other meds are still the same . . . still 150 mg daily of Cyclosporine and 20 mg Methotrexate weekly.

What RAIN we're having (but we've needed it!). A lot of things are going on in Hershey this weekend. (I said maybe we should have just booked a room and spent the night in Hershey!) We're supposed to go tomorrow for a district cross country meet, but it may be postponed. Traffic was horrible this evening, though! (And the outlets were crowded!). This is the second Friday this month in which I've had one of the girls to an appointment and had to travel home through Harrisburg traffic, which has been absolutely awful. I told Scott that I really don't ever want to attend any Friday evening event in Harrisburg or Hershey (unless one of our kids is involved, or if we absolutely have to!). Getting there would stress me out! . . . . but maybe it would be better if I were the passenger instead of the driver.