Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Update on Anna's Eyes . . . Not Bad . . . . .

It's been awhile since my last update. Anna saw the ophthalmologist last Friday. This was the first visit since we decreased the Cyclosporine by 25 mg. in January. We were hoping that her eyes might have remained quiet of any inflammation, with the hopes of decreasing the Cyclosporine yet again. That will not happen at this point. The doctor saw maybe one cell in each eye, so he categorizes both eyes as having "zero-to-a-trace" of inflammation. I didn't even broach the subject of decreasing the med at this point. (I'm so happy that the inflammation didn't go wild with the decrease of cylcosporine, but I'd rather be cautious than to try another decrease when there's any evidence at all of uveitis.) All in all, it was not a bad appointment.

Anna had a few viruses over the winter months, but thankfully, they were short-lived, and the symptoms were such that I was able to figure out that they were indeed viruses and not related to arthritis or to medications.

Anna is finishing up her last year in elementary school, and eagerly anticipating the move to middle school! It helps to have two older siblings who have such good things to say about their own experiences in middle school and high school. :o)