Thursday, June 21, 2012

Update since May . . . . .

We've had a busy spring!  Since I last posted, Anna had bilateral injections to the TMJs (she's always been mostly asymptomatic with the TMJs, so I'm thinking that they are helping but don't know for certain).  We also had an eye appointment.  There is a trace of inflammation in the left eye again---but nothing overly concerning.  Back on Pred Forte eye drops (once daily to the left eye).  Pressures are fine.  We can handle all of that.

Life goes on, and Juvenile Arthritis and uveitis is taking a back seat to everything else in our life at the moment.  (Thank the Lord---it doesn't consume our lives---but I'm very thankful that her disease is mild and stubborn instead of raging, as some children and teens experience.)  Anna has a summer job!  (She wanted to do this!  We didn't tell her she needed to!).  It's a good job with good hours for a 14-year-old, and she's having fun, making new friends, and learning things.

We also took a trip to Nashville, where Anna's sister Abby was married just last weekend.  Two more weddings to attend this summer, but I'm thinking that the next month overall may be a little less busy than May and June (hopefully).  Anna will see the pediatric rheumatologist in July, start pre-season cross country training in August, and enter high school as a freshman this fall!