Thursday, March 07, 2013

Another Step in the Journey . . . .

Anna learned to give herself her Humria shot this evening, and she did well!  Scott (my husband -- Anna's dad) was along for the instruction, and it was so good to have three brains soaking up all the detailed information.  We'll see what happens in two weeks when we're at home without a nurse to guide and direct her steps, but I'm confident that she'll do fine.

I remember the days when Anna was really little, and she used to cry on shot nights.  And now years later, she was calm and only a little nervous --- this was her decision and her choice.  No wallowing (maybe a little bit of grieving here and there, but not today!  Today was a step in maturity!)---just acceptance of this journey in life, and thankful for so many little ways that we've seen God along the way (and know that we will continue to see Him, because He never lets go of us!).