Thursday, November 10, 2005

Anna and I just returned from an eye appointment. It wasn't bad, but not great. Just mildly frustrating. Both eyes continue to have a trace of inflammation, but the left eye is worse of a trace than last time. So for the left eye, we have to increase the Pred Forte drops to twice a day. I feel like this uveitis stuff is such a intricate balancing act--worrying about pressures rising with the increase in drops (although Anna's pressures are at 17 and 18 right now---not bad by any means). Last time she was on drops twice a day, they went up into the mid 20's, and we don't like them to be there. I've never had much patience for intricate balancing acts. Guess this is building my character.

At least the drive to and from Hershey was GORGEOUS through the valley with the autumn colors and the deep colors on the distant mountains and the huge autumn cumulous clouds! Gotta appreciate the small things in life!


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