Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's been a while since I've posted any updates! But I'm not sure if anyone is reading, and life has been extremely busy! We had an appointment with the ophthalmologist about six weeks ago, and Anna's eyes were improving, so the doctor did not want to change one thing. So we were optimisitc and glad that we didn't have to add eye drops again or increase the methotrexate. Went back for an eye checkup yesterday, and the inflammation in the left eye is increasing again, so we are increasing Anna's Methotrexate dose starting this week. The inflammation isn't bad, but it needs to be addressed.


cammyk said...

Tammy, What a beautiful girl! I look forward to coming back and reading more when I have a few mintues. Best, Cammy

Tammy Z said...

Dear Cammy,
Thanks for the kind words! You're welcome back any time at all!

~ Tammy Z :o)