Friday, September 28, 2007

Fluctuating in a GOOD way!
Anna had another appointment, and her uveitis has significantly improved! What good news! It seems like the more we travel this journey, the more information/understanding we learn. Dr. M explained that in order to gauge the amount of inflammation in Anna's eyes, he counts the white cells (which don't belong there!) within a beam of light. Three weeks ago, he counted 10 cells in Anna's left eye (in that measurement of light) and five cells in her right eye. This past Wednesday, he counted two in each eye. He was very happy! That is indeed good news, because the Intraocular pressure in Anna's left eye was up in the 20's, since she's been on the Pred Forte eye drops for that eye. So we're stopping the eye drops for now. (Pressures are very worrisome in the 30's, and she's not there, but 20's is "concern-worthy.") :o)

Anna celebrated her tenth birthday last Saturday! How the time flies!

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