Monday, January 14, 2008

Life has seemed fairly normal lately, and this is "normal" at our house! We've worked to achieve family camaraderie, and because Anna looks up to her siblings, they can usually get her to eagerly help them when it comes to interesting tasks like the one pictured. Joel built this roller coaster for his Independent Project at school, and then he had to get it to the school. He decided that it was too big to fit into the van, so he thought he and Anna could just walk it up to the high school! They did (and I followed along with the camera and the little bucket to collect pieces as they fell off), although they had to stop several times to stabilize the contraption! Joel and Abby brought it home today (they used the van to bring it home! I took pictures of that, too, but I'll post them some other day on one of my other blogs!)

I know this has nothing to do with JA---but maybe it shows just how normal JA kids can be when the disease is relatively under control!

(I did pick up Anna's blood test results, and they're relatively normal. She has an appointment with the pediatric rheumatologist tomorrow, although I'm anticipating an uneventful appointment).

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