Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Long Overdue Update

Sometimes in life, you can go through a period of about four weeks, where all that has happened in life circumstances makes it seem like a year has passed at least! Our life has been a whirlwind during the month of May and the first two weeks of June. Anna had an eye appointment several weeks ago, but only now is life settling down enough to update my faithful blog followers (I know there are at least a few---thank you! And sorry for not updating lately!).

At Anna's last eye appointment, she had developed mid-to-moderate inflammation in her left eye. So the Cyclosporine dose has been increased by 25 mg. (She was taking 75 mg., but we're back up to 100 mg. daily). At the time, I had so many other things looming (graduation of my oldest, and various related activities and events, plus we were leaving for vacation the morning after graduation, plus I had extra work at my job since I was getting ready for a week's worth of vacation). Because my mind was on so many other things, I didn't have a whole lot of time to really think about this development or worry about it. Anna has been on higher doses of Cyclosporine (not that we liked that . . . some side effects started creeping in), so I was thinking, "It could be worse . . . 100 mg. isn't so bad." We go back next week for another eye exam.

Another issue that has arisen is a nationwide shortage of Methotrexate (injectible). I need to call another pharmacy within the next few days to see if I can find any. I haven't really had time to worry about this, either. (There are advantages to having a hectic life!)

In the meantime, we're adjusting to life . . . adjusting to my oldest moving onto the college campus (her summer job there includes room and board . . . it's easy to be excited about that, since Abby is excited, but it's still an adjustment), adjusting to a summer schedule, adjusting to summer weather, etc. And Anna is eleven going on twelve. Not so much a little girl anymore, but in that in-between stage. Growing up, with all the adjustments that come along with that. We're doing okay, though!

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