Friday, September 18, 2009

Continuing to "Tweak" the medication dose . . . .

We had our second eye appointment since I last posted. (Every two weeks lately--[sigh]--it is what it is, and we do what we have to do) Anna's right eye continues to look "great." Her left eye is another story. Two weeks ago, the inflammation has lessened just a little. Instead of increasing the Cellcept at that point, we "tweaked" it a little. I had read (at, or something like that) about Cellcept needing to be taken on an empty stomach. Up until two weeks ago, we hadn't been doing that. But the ophthalmologist suggested we try taking it "by the book" before we try increasing the dose. So we've been very careful these past two weeks. Anna gets up a little earlier, takes her Cellcept, then waits to eat breakfast. Then she makes sure that she stops eating by 7:00 p.m., so that at 9:00 p.m., she can take her other pill.

But that did not help. No change. So we add another pill (500 mg. of Cellcept). And we go back again in two weeks.

Anna has become an active participant in scheduling the next appointment. She hates to miss any school, so she's often hovering at my shoulder and saying, "Can we get a late appointment---maybe 4:00 p.m.?) But since we've been going every two weeks, they've been squeezing us in to an already tight schedule, and sometimes double booking. On the third date and time we were offered, Anna said, "That's PERFECT! I have study hall that afternoon, so I won't miss much!" (I'm really glad she loves school so much!)

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