Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Trying Something Different this Summer . . . . .

MRI results are in, with no major differences from the MRI last fall.  Anna will have another MRI in six months to monitor the TMJs.  So thankful that there's no more damage that the radiologists have seen!  Since Anna rarely complains of pain, but did mention some stiffness in her jaw at the last appointment with the rheumatologist, we are going to go ahead with another procedure over the summer, since further cortisone injections to the TMJs are not advisable:  Dexamethoasone Iontophoresis.  I haven't had time to thoroughly read over the material Anna's doctor sent to me on the procedure, so I won't even attempt to explain any of it here.  We do need to find a local physical therapy place to have this done (if we aren't successful finding a local one, we can always go to Hershey Med, but local would be more convenient).  But I asked, and it's okay to wait until after July 1st to move forward with this.  Our insurance provider is changing as of July 1st, and Anna's schedule is fairly full until July 1st, besides.  I will ask around and check out some local PT facilities in the meantime.  (Changing insurance carriers mid-stream can be a pain sometimes!  Been there, done that!)

I'm not feeling eloquent or full of thoughts that need to be written down tonight, but I did want to post an update!  Anna continues to live a relatively normal and busy life and never complains of pain---just shrugs off a little stiffness after a 70-mile car ride every now and then, but insists that she doesn't feel any pain even when she's a little stiff.  She is doing well at giving herself the Humira injections.  We go back to see her ophthalmologist in 10 days, and we'll pray that her eyes remain clear. 

I continue to constantly pray for wisdom and guidance (for me, for Anna's doctors, etc.), and am so thankful for the little and big ways in which I see some "God moments."  

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