Friday, January 24, 2014

In Anna's Own Words . . . . .

As posted on Anna's Facebook page on January 23, 2014:

A recent problem has emerged involving my arthritis in my left eye. Instead of listing all of my troubles and problems at this moment I choose to go with the blessings -

Thank You Lord for
-My sight, I am not going to be blind any time soon.
-for Doctors, knowledge, and medicine.
-Messages you send me through music
-my Mom and Dad 
-Your Guidance and Help and Direction 
-Reading glasses
-a Warm house
-eye lids*
-time off so I could study this past week so I don't need to strain my eyes tonight trying to see tiny print*
-and knowing what is going to happen when I don't, because I am blind to what will happen in these next very, VERY busy weeks ahead. You're going to see me to the end regardless.

[*Dr M. decided to dilate Anna's eyes to get a better view of what was happening, so although we hadn't planned on this, Anna's pupils were dilated for the rest of the afternoon and evening, making it a little difficult to see and focus---so she was extra-thankful for eyelids and reading glasses!}


Julia Gray Parrish said...

Wow. This was awesome and great. It takes an incredibly strong and brave person to be able to say "Yeah, this bad thing is happening to me, but I still have a lot of blessings." It was really great being able to see this post. God bless y'all.

Elizabeth said...

She's a very wise and strong young lady :)

MitchB said...

Very well said Anna!