Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Tough and Miserable Day

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Anna's scheduled jaw reconstruction surgery for June 1st will need to be rescheduled to a later date.  And due to the surgeon's schedule and my schedule, it will probably have to wait until early August.  I should be hearing from the scheduler either tomorrow or Monday to receive a date.  

Over the past week, Anna developed a cold---a nasty virus, similar to what her brother had the previous week.  We continued to evaluate her symptoms, hoping that they would all go away in seven days.  I also called the surgeon's office on Tuesday to let them know what was going on, and continued to pray for guidance, wisdom, and a definite answer (and not a decision we would be second-guessing later on).  

Today we got that definite answer.  Anna now has a raging ear infection.  (The doctor asked, "Have you ever had an ear infection?"  And as we were responding with a 'no,' he exclaimed (as he examined Anna's inner ear),  "Well you've got one now, and wow, is it bulging!"  By that time (mid-morning) we had already heard that the surgeon thought it best not to proceed with Anna's surgery, given her cold symptoms that I had called about on Tuesday.  When we talked about Anna's cancelled surgery with the family doctor, he agreed that there's no way Anna should have surgery now or in the near future.  She also has a sinus infection.  Anethesia would be difficult and risky with her sinuses being so inflamed.

It's been a tough day.  Even though we knew that there was a chance that surgery would be postponed, this is a mental and emotional adjustment for Anna---especially on a day when she has two infections and is feeling just miserable.  

The GOOD news is that we saw her ophthalmologist, and her eyes are basically clear. (Such a relief, since Anna has been off Methotrexate for about three weeks now, and cannot resume until she feels significantly better, as per the pediatric rheumatologist.)  She's been having increased jaw stiffness and pain, and I let her pediatric rheumatologist know that, as well.  Anna is on antibiotics for the next five days. 

This change of schedule means that Anna can now take her finals during finals week, and she may very well be able to attend graduation to see her friends receive their diplomas. (She is a junior, and has one more year of school left, but she has many friends who are seniors.) 

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