Friday, May 26, 2017

Something Different . . . . .

Disclaimer:  Anna said that she gives my permission to share this! (And she laughed when I told her I was thinking of using this Norman Rockwell illustration.)  We drove to Hershey yesterday so that Anna could get the steroid injection for her knee stiffness.  While I don't have details, Anna had said that the doctor told her this was going to be an injection into her muscle and not directly into the joint.  (I don't think Anna asked for the details like I probably would have---I like to know how something different is going to work.)  Because we are familiar with joint injections, I told Anna I would drive her (she's had knee injections before, and I wouldn't want her to drive 20 miles home afterward).  So Anna checked in with the receptionist, was called back within about 5 minutes, and she was back before another 5 minutes had passed!  She was smiling--she was expecting an injection into her arm, but she said that it was the first time she's ever had an injection it her butt!  She was surprised, and said that it was very different.  She's going to let me know if she experiences good and quick results like she usually has from joint injections.  I probably would not have needed to drive her.

Why do I share this?  I'm not familiar with steroid injections into the muscle instead of the joint.  I searched briefly online, but could not find much information on this.  I'm curious to know if this will work well for Anna, and maybe other parents and patients will be interested in this information as well.

And a piece of good news---an answer to prayer:  Anna did tell me that she can already tell a difference in the vision in her left eye, after Monday's injection.  We're praying that these two injections this week will bring Anna some relief and enable her to enjoy her summer on the college campus.

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