Friday, February 01, 2008

"Let's think of something to do while we're waiting" . . . Anna spent last Saturday at the high school science fair, where her brother, Joel, had a project which compares three types of roller coaster launches (he tied for second place---gets to go to the regional science fair on February 16th). Anna chose to go over to the college (which was hosting the science fair) with Abby and Joel. We learned last year that there is a whole lot of time between set-up and judging and awards, so Scott and I decided to stay home and get some things done (we're working on renovating a room in our house . . . a LONG, slow process in a 70+ year-old home) until about an hour before the awards ceremony (it's REALLY great to have a teenager who is a responsible driver!---and I think they enjoyed being out by themselves). Anna took paper and crayons to keep her busy during the "down time."

Anna had an eye appointment yesterday. No cells at all in the right eye (although the pressure in that eye is around 21-22, which is interesting. Normal is anything under 18 or so). Still a trace in the left eye, but better than last time, although my comment of "Good!" with a smile got a cautionary response of "Well, we can't get really excited, because this has a pattern of fluctuating." I know that. I'm a realist, and we've been on this road for quite awhile. But I am choosing to be happy for today!

Another ice storm this morning (mostly rain now). We'd rather have snow. Oh, well! Slow start to the morning, 'cause the kids had a two-hour delay.

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