Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nothing significantly new here, lately! Anna caught one of those cold/bronchial viruses, so she's been coughing a lot lately. I had something similar about two weeks ago--nothing alarming . . . just one of those things where you need Vick's Vapor cream at night and a humidifier going (although I think something is wrong with the humidifier I recently bought---I may have to call the manufacturer). At least that means that we should wait another week or two for the upcoming blood test. Anyway . . . Anna didn't have to wait around anywhere (and find some way to kill time) for the regional Capital Area Science Fair, because we had such a busy weekend (last weekend), that my parents let Anna spend two nights with them in Maryand (that sure helped with logistics of last weekend). She had a blast with Mom and Dad and her best buddy cousin, who also spent the weekend with Grandma and Granddad. Mom and Dad's house is the only place she's ever spent the night (besides JRA Camp or on vacation with us). That seems rather odd in some ways, but that's just the way it's been. At least Anna's to the point where she doesn't need all that much help with organizing her medications. She has it all down-pat, and she's in a routine whereby she knows it's a regular part of her day (after breakfast for the 100 mg of Cyclosporine, and bedtime for everything else).


Jacob's Mom said...

Hi My name is Joanne. I just wanted to thank you for your blog on Anna. I was inspired to make one for my son who is fighting JRA and now uveitis. Doctor's can only tell you so much about what everyday living with a child that has this awful disease. Jacob is nine and was diagnosed at 5 and has a quick run of knee issues but had been in remission since 2004. This past JAnuary it started again and the uveitis also. He just started on the MTX. The eye issues don't sound too fun. I can tell from your blog that there is so many ups and downs with the cells. He was put on the pred forte about 3 weeks ago. He went in yesterday and the cells cleared. From what you have written, I do realize that this may be temporary! Has the MTX been really tough on Anna? He is on 10mg orally now but he is upping the dose next week to 17.5. Did you switch to shots only because of the stomach issues? Any other side effects? Thanks for your help. Joanne.

Tammy Z said...

Hi, Joanne,
I did send you an e-mail (I knew I would be really wordy with a new contact/mom, and I thought an e-mail might be better than a response comment!). :o) But I thought some other readers might be interested in the responses to your questions. Anna really hasn't experienced too many side effects from the Methotrexate (Praise the Lord!). And yes, we switched to the injectable because of the stomach issues. Anna would take the little Methotrexate pills right before she went to bed, but almost every week, she was vomitting four hours later. We really were left with no choice. And then we had to greatly increase her dose, and she needed maximum effectiveness, which you get more from the injectable than from the pills. I just added a link to your blog to my list of links! :o)

Thanks so much for your comment/questions. ~ Tammy

Jacob's Mom said...

Hi Tammy, I didn't get your email. I was looking forward to reading it. Did you maybe send it to the wrong address? It's
Can you try forwarding it again? Thanks!