Thursday, March 06, 2008

Here's where we sit back and see what happens . . . Anna's had several viruses lately . . . respiratory, then something that included a headache, queasy stomach, and a low-grade fever. Two days later she had some intestinal troubles. Missed two days of school. So I checked with the powers that be about giving her the Cyclosporine (it's a strong immune-suppressent medication). The advice was to stop the Cyclosporine for a few days, until she regains her health. In many ways, that's a relief, and I just want Anna to feel better (on Wednesday she dissolved into tears and said she was so tired and sick of being tired and sick). On the other hand, she has an eye appointment next Thursday, and I'm just a little wary about what the "vacation from Cyclosporine" will do to the eye inflammation. Nothing to do but wait and see (and place everything in God's hands). . . at least she's more perky today, and much more herself than she has been for awhile.

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