Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Appointments!

This is a funny picture of Anna! (Her brother Joel took this one.). Two thumbs up for two good appointments (actually, when the picture was taken, she wasn't even thinking about doctors' appointments, but I thought this fit!).

Anna's joints are doing well. We go back in August. Her eyes continue to very gradually improve, as well. Right eye is clear; left eye has just a very occasional cell, hardly even worth a "trace" rating . . . the doctor said between 0 and a trace! Great news! The next appointment is in seven weeks instead of six (YAY!!! For awhile, we were going every 3-4 weeks.). And the ophthalmologist is thinking that if her eyes stay this quiet for two more appointments, maybe---just maybe---we can think about lowering some doses of the medications.

Good news, indeed. Even though uveitis can fluctuate, we will be happy for the next seven weeks, and eagerly anticipate the day when we can begin lowering Anna's medications. Although I try not to think about it much, when I do allow myself, I cringe at the amount of medication that is going into her little body (I don't think she's had a break from medication since she was 23 months old). As always, we do so appreciate the prayers of everyone as we continue on this good part of the journey.


Kathi said...

you mentioned that whike Anna was taking the Methotrexate by mouth she was also taking Pepcid. Why?Did you start that right away? My daughter is starting Methotrexate this Friday and is starting Folic Acid tomorrow. Right now she is only on Relefan. I'm a little afraid (alot) and want to do this the best that I can for her. Any suggestions?

Tammy Z said...

Dear Kathi,
Thanks for commenting on Anna's blog. When Anna was first diagnosed, her pediatric rheumatologist prescribed ibuprofen, and because that can really do damage to the digestive system, he suggested that we give Anna a daily Tums, to help control the acidity levels in her system. We eventually switched to Pepcid Complete, when Anna began experiencing heartburn after almost every meal (that was after several years on a variety of Nsaids). The Pepcid Complete has kept the heartburn at bay. Anna doesn't have nearly the amount of stomach/digestive issues since she started taking Methotrexate, but we've continued with the Pepcid Complete---although we did cut it down from a full tablet to a half tablet.

So the Pepcid is just something we continued---we had started long before the Methotrexate.

If your daughter isn't having any digestive issues, then you really wouldn't have to start her on the Pepcid.

I remember being so worried when Anna began taking Methotrexate. I wish your daughter well (and you, too!). Anna did have stomach issues after taking the oral Methotrexate (including vomiting several hours after taking the pills). That's one reason why we had to go with the injectable (that was a huge adjustment on many levels for us, too).

Does this help at all?

~ Tammy

AlekonaB said...

Tammy thanks for the comments on Allison's Blog and for adding her link on Anna's. We need to add links to Allison's. Hoping you and your family are doing better health wise. It is hard when sickness and injuries strike. Hang in There.