Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A New Chapter in Anna's Life . . .

Well, maybe a "sub-chapter"! And it's not related to JA or anything. Yesterday, Anna began taking lessons to learn how to play the bassoon! She "fell in love" with the bassoon when she was in second grade, and the music teacher was playing snippets of various instruments for the students to hear. Anna came home that day from school and announced with passion, "I want to play the BASSOON!" We were uncertain that it would happen this year . . . we weren't sure if she would have to begin with an oboe and then graduate to the bassoon, but the music department in our school district decided that Anna's fingers were long enough to navigate the keys, and she could start with the bassoon this year. And now she has an opportunity to have five more private lessons (the school district will pay for them) with a friend of her brother and sister, a young man who seems to be able to play any instrument that is put in his hands! Anna has always admired him (she's seen him at all the concerts we've attended in previous years when Abby and Joel were in middle school), and she is so excited! I'm realistic enough to realize that there will be highs and lows of excitement and enthusiasm levels when learning a new instrument (we've been through this before with other children!) I'll post a picture (of Anna and her bassoon--which is almost as tall as she is!) later on. When Anna was practicing yesterday, Abby had the camera---she was ushering at the high school graduation, and wanted the camera to take photos of her dear friends.

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