Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just a little update . . . .

We've lowered the Cyclosporine dose to 75 mg., but won't know what effect (if any) that will have with Anna's eyes. We have appointments with both specialists in March (different days/weeks). In the meantime, we've been living life and having fun, although everyone in the family has had some sort of virus (each a different type) in the early part of January. Anna's virus affected her stomach (heard later on the local news that people were flocking to the ER with Anna's symptoms, although we didn't . . . just rode them out---she had rather severe stomach cramps---among other things---with her virus). Anyway, the only reason I mention that is because we let her skip the Cyclosporine and even a weekly dose of Methotrexate. I really need to write that down, because the ophthalmologist likes to know every detail (when?, why?, how much?, how long?) if we skipped a dose or two. In the past, a skipped dose or two (while recovering from a virus) has not had any affect. We'll pray it doesn't this time, as well.


Jodie said...

Hope that the skipped doses don't make a difference to her uveitis.

I lurk occasionally in your blog, and love to read when others with JIA are having a good run :) long may it last!

Tammy said...

Oh, thank you, Jodie! It's so nice to know that people read the blog occasionally. We won't know how the uveitis will react to the decreased dose until March 20th. Long wait, but that's her next appointment. :o) I'll post here once we know.

Thanks again!