Monday, January 05, 2009

Supporting the Arthritis Foundation -- The Jingle Bell Run

Back in December, Anna's dad (my husband, Scott) and her brother Joel participated in the annual Jingle Bell Run in Harrisburg, which supports the Arthritis Foundation. This was Scott's first 5K running event! We were so proud of him! Joel has been participating in this event for quite a few years---back when the crowd of runners wasn't really a crowd, and he could easily figure out if he would place in the finish for his age group. We're very glad for the Arthritis Foundation that this event in our area continues to grow. This year, they raised over $27,000 for that run. Our busy schedules (three kids and many responsibilities keep us hopping) have caused us to prioritize many of our activities, and for the Arthritis Foundation, this is the one event we've focused on lately.

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