Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hoping for Better News in 2010 . . . .

. . . because appointments to the ophthalmologist these past several months (since August, I believe) have not been encouraging. (The one bright spot about the frequency of those visits, though, is that the ophthalmologist hired a new receptionist and she is so sweet and personable, and treats us like family instead of some of the former receptionists who acted as if we were strangers every time we went--even when we were going every two weeks!)

ANYway . . . back to the report. Anna's eyes still are no better. In fact, the left eye is worse than it was a month ago. Last month, it had 1+ inflammation (on a scale of 0-4), and this month, the level of inflammation is at 2+. The right eye continues to have a trace--after being totally clear for many months before stopping two immune suppressant medications and starting on the biologic, Humira. [Sigh]

So what do we do now? We're increasing the frequency of the Humira injections. I'll give it every ten days instead of every two weeks. (I had just put the next sticker on the calendar, so I'll have to change that.) We get her eyes checked in three weeks.

As for the TMJs---we don't know how successful the cortisone injections were, and we won't truly know without an MRI. The plan is to have an MRI done in about six months, and if there is still evidence (or evidence once again) of active disease, we would have the injections done again.

Merry Christmas to all! I can say that in all sincerity, despite all the issues of life we face. A favorite songwriter, Steven Curtis Chapman, has a Christmas song that talks about "Our God is With Us--Immanuel . . . and we will never face life alone, now that God has made Himself known as Father and friend, with us to the end, Immanuel" (Makes me want to listen to that again, soon!) I truly believe that, and I believe that ALL things work together for good to those who love Him . . ."


Erika said...

Would love to hear of a 2010 update! Hope the Humira is working. Our daughter has been on remicade for 2 years and we are about to start the weaning off to see if we can keep it at bay without. She is also on MTX. Would love to hear how Anna is doing ... Happy Easter!

Tammy Z said...

Happy Easter to you, as well, Erika! I'll try to post soon and let you know how everything is going. Thanks so much for reading Anna's blog!