Friday, April 23, 2010

Back to Normal Life . . . . .

Anna's knees look normal now, and she's already back to living a "normal" 12-year-old life. Was last week's sudden swelling and inflammation a freaky thing or will it become a lingering problem? I can't really say at this point. We have an appointment with the rheumatologist on Friday. If the knee looks like it can and should be injected with steroids, he'll do that at next week's appointment.

As the doctor and I were working out a time for this appointment via e-mail, I would update Anna with options. This past Wednesday was the first option, but Anna had "Career Day" at school yesterday and needed to be mobile (bus rides, field trip, etc.). Then next Thursday was an option, but Anna has a recital that night. When I was telling Anna this, she shrugged and shook her head and said, "We're just too busy . . . " It sounded like she meant, "We're just too busy for any type of appointment or joint injection."---as if this were one of the many social events or school activities that we would need to regretfully decline because other events or activities have higher priority.

By next week, we'll also know how Anna's eyes are doing, since she has an appointment with the ophthalmologist on Wednesday.

That's the update for now . . . . more later.

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