Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Better Than I Anticipated . . . .

At Anna's eye appointment today, I wasn't really sure what to expect, so I prepared myself for a huge flare of the uveitis, since her joints have been flaring. But it wasn't so bad! Both eyes continue to have a trace of inflammation, albeit more than six weeks ago (but still a trace---not "number worthy").

I had to smile today, because we've had ophthalmologist appointments with such frequency in the last year, and many of the ophthalmologist's staff is new within the past year---they've trained on Anna (she's a good patient to train on---she knows the ropes and is always calm). It's been six weeks since we'd been there (and that was lengthy--we'd been going every 2-4 weeks). We walked in the office, and they said, "Anna's here! It's been awhile, and we were wondering when you'd be in again!"

Took her for a blood test today, as well. I talked about the change in labs a few blog posts ago. We continue to be pleased with the change. Anna is maturing, and now takes labs in stride. No Emla cream, no lounge chair, no little group of phlebotomists who treat Anna like family, no lengthy registration process--just in and out at the labs at Hershey Med. For all of you moms who are struggling with your little ones and labs, it DOES get better.

Anna has a bassoon solo tomorrow night in a recital at the middle school. :o) Then on Friday we'll find out the game plan for her flaring knee joint.


Grace Donatucci said...

Hi Anna. I just noticed your blog and I wanted to see if you were aware of the JA Conference being held in Philadelphia from July 29 thru August 1. To get more information you can log onto the Arthritis Foundation website at If possible can you share the information with your bloggers. Thank you.

Tammy Z said...

This is Tammy, Anna's Mom. Yes! I did know about the JA Conference. We've been to several, and we have friends who will be attending. Those conferences are great, especially for children, teens, and families who really want and need to connect with other children, teens, & families. Thanks for posting the info and link. :o)