Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Long Overdue Update

I have been remiss in giving an update to the few faithful readers to my blog. So sorry! As usual, life has been full, and when I've had a few moments, I've either just wanted to not be on the computer, or else other family members have been on the computer. No more excuses! Anna had an appointment with the ophthalmologist right before Mother's Day. His exam showed the same results as the last several visits---clear in the right eye, just one or two cells total in the left eye. So once again, he is pleased, and we have no changes to the eye drop (once daily to the left eye) or the systemic medications. We go back for another appointment in June. Anna also sees the pediatric rheumatologist in early June (really just a week from Friday). I don't really have any expectations for that appointment, since Anna never really complains, even when she has had active arthritis. So we will see. Sometime between now and next Friday, we need to take her for overdue bloodwork. (We get that done in Hershey, and last time we were in Hershey for her eye appointment, she had a bad cold. I don't like getting labs done when she has a cold, because a virus can really skew the numbers and cause unnecessary worry.)

Anna remains active! Since she has completely healed from her appendectomy in February and her micro-fractures to the elbow in April, she has started running again. She plans to join the middle school cross country team in the fall, and she needs to start running regularly NOW to be in shape for that. We spent a day in New York City with the special ensemble (group of 7th and 8th grade singers) in May (lots of walking---no complaints). Anna's summer pass to the community pool has been purchased! And we're slowly but surely redoing her bedroom. It will be a BUSY summer!

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