Sunday, April 29, 2012

TMJ Injections on Tuesday . . .

Very busy week!

  • Anna auditions for the high school symphonic band on Monday
  • TMJ injections bright and early on Tuesday morning (at least I won't have to be challenged with traveling straight into the bright sun that morning!  I don't think the sun will even be up when we have to head to Hershey!)
  • Middle School Spring Concert on Thursday, and
  • plans (good ones---anticipating great times of fellowship with friends and family) for both Friday evening and Saturday (all day).

No appointments for Anna until June (eye appointment) and July (rheumatologist appointment), but I think most of our weekends are booked solid for the first part of the summer.  (And the last month of eighth grade and middle school will be busy with all types of school activities.)  Anna will be starting to work (part-time---in the dining hall of a local college) after school is out.  Busy week and busy life, but I'm so glad the TMJ injections and issues are taking up just a very small percentage of our life---I'd rather focus on the other stuff of life.  I don't want Juvenile Arthritis and Uveitis to consume or define our lives---just to be exactly what it is . . . just a small part of the journey of our lives.

In the meantime, I'm very, very thankful for the knowledge and wisdom God gives to the doctors who treat Anna.  I continue to pray for them, and especially for the radiologist (for steady hands) who will be aiming those injections into Anna's tiny little TMJs on Tuesday morning.

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