Monday, June 15, 2015

Well, hold on---the road may get a little rocky . . . . .

Anna reads a book while waiting for the retina specialist
We had an appointment with the retina specialist today.  She monitors the macular edema, which hasn't been a problem for months (thank the Lord!).  Anna had seen the ophthalmologist almost three weeks ago, and he saw only "trace cells" in the left eye. Today, I think (and the retina specialist believes) that Anna's weeks off Methotrexate and a prolonged span between Remicade infusions (because of the upcoming and then postponed surgery) has caught up with the eyes.  There is a "dusting" of white cells around the cornea. (She let me look at them through the lens she uses with medical students and residents---that experience was simultaneously interesting and dismaying---because of what I was seeing.)  The answer is not simple, because of the postponed surgery, scheduled for August 10th.  Anna started back on Methotrexate last week, but will have to take a break from it again closer to the surgery date.  We will schedule Remicade for sometime in mid-July and then again about two weeks following Anna's surgery.  Anna is to increase the frequency of both the Prolensa and the Pred Forte eye drops for now.

I've heard many wise mentors ask people, "So what has God been saying to you lately?" And because I've heard that question asked throughout the years, I've worked to listen carefully to what God is saying to me (just in case someone asks!---and besides, I want to know!!!). I had a lot of time to listen this morning, because at the crowded Eye Center at Hershey Medical Center, there is a lot of waiting time.  (We arrived at 8:30 a.m. and left at noon---sometimes I've thought they should provide treadmills for patients and parents, so that we're not constantly sitting or making people nervous by walking around in small spaces!) A few things came to mind today.  I recently heard or read that if we truly knew God and who He is, we would never need to fear anything at all.  I was thinking about this before the eye exam, and that was a good thought to be meditating on.  And the song in my head this morning (all morning---before and after) was Colton Dixon's song "Through All of It."  I'll post a video below.  And on the way home, on the radio, a song reminded me that "God is in control."  He truly is our anchor---our steady rock, when the road gets a little bumpy.

I know so many people are praying for Anna and for us.  Thank you!

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