Sunday, July 19, 2015

Blessings in the Unscheduled Stops in the Journey

"Have you ever noticed how God has a blessing on the unscheduled stops along the journey?"  -- Beth Moore

If you have been following along on our journey, you already know that our summer schedule was discombobulated in June, when our plans for Anna's jaw reconstruction surgery came to a screeching halt.  At the time, it seemed like God was closing the door and locking the door.  So we rethought our plans for the summer and rearranged some things.  We were resting in the truth that God loves us beyond measure and this is part of His plan, even though we don't totally understand. We've learned again how to be flexible with our schedules and take things one day at a time.

As the weeks have passed, we've faced a few obstacles, we've called on our friends and family for prayers for wisdom and guidance along the way, and we have seen God working---creating that "pathway in the wilderness" as Isaiah 43:19 describes.

Our medical insurance carrier changed in July, and that has been a GOOD experience for us! Our previous carrier had denied coverage for Anna's surgery.  The secondary insurance she has through the state was considering coverage of the surgery, but even up to the point where we had to cancel Anna's June 1st surgery, they were still wanting more information and hadn't given the green light.  The surgeon's office has been frustrated with insurance companies lately, as more and more are denying this type of surgery, even after appeals.  The surgeon has had to make some decisions, and now (as of the beginning of July), before the pre-op appointment, his office needs to have approved pre-authorizations in place, or the surgery will be canceled.  Our new insurance approved the surgery---over a week before her pre-op appointment!  And the secondary insurance gave the green light, as well---they will cover what the primary insurance doesn't cover.  They agree that Anna's surgery is medically necessary.  Even the surgeon's scheduler was so relieved when she received that word!  She told me she did not want to cancel Anna's surgery a second time. (Anna's Remicade was also approved by the new insurance carrier---that was also a blessing, because a few years ago when we changed insurance providers, the Humira pre-authorizations took weeks and many phone calls and debates.)

Another issue was the inflammation in Anna's left eye, which had resurfaced in June.  The retina specialist had increased the frequency of the steroid eye drop.  Anna saw the ophthalmologist last week, and we left with smiles on our faces.  Both eyes are totally clear, and the pressures are on the lower side of normal.  I was holding my breath as the pressures were measured, because I was expecting those eye drops to cause a spike in the pressure of the left eye.  Not so!  Huge blessing!

Another huge blessing has been that I have NOT been asked to serve on the jury for the District Court (yet).  I remain "on call" for the month of July, but I don't have to check in again until this next Friday.  One more week, and I am free and clear!  I've gone from week to week unsure of whether I would need to scramble to find family or friends to take Anna to some important appointments.  (Hubby is really busy at work, and family and friends are pretty busy, as well.  I just haven't wanted to inconvenience anyone.)

And so now surgery is four weeks from tomorrow:  August 10th.  We'll continue to take each day as it comes.  Anna has been diligently practicing her bassoon, knowing that she will have a forced hiatus when her teeth are banded together for several weeks.  We have appointments coming up with all but one doctor (the ophthalmologist, who won't see her until early September, since the retina specialist will see Anna less than a week before surgery to keep tabs on the eye inflammation).

Our journey continues . . . . . God continues to refine us on this journey which He has called us to travel.  He is also building our faith as we see Jesus working through the little details and surprising us by removing some obstacles along the way.  We are so thankful for Him and for the prayer support and the loving compassion and care we receive from family and friends.

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