Saturday, June 10, 2017

Relief for the Summer!

Has it really only been two weeks since the injection "into the butt" for the joints? After months of stress and distress and health issues, Anna's summer has begun with relief for the arthritis in her knee (we won't know the effectiveness of the periocular injection until we see the retina specialist in two weeks).  So she has laid aside her textbooks for the summer, began working 40 hours/week in an office on the college campus until the fall, and is enjoying some friends and activities within the college community for the summer months.  She shared these pictures from Pole Steeple in Cumberland County, PA.  She and some friends hiked there last evening and evidently stayed to watch the sunset.  I loved that she included a picture of the outcropping of rocks at the top.  It's metaphorical for her journey these past several months.  She's been through some hard and challenging times, but for now, she's come through them, able to see clearly and enjoy the beauty around her without the constraints of the pain, the limping, and the limitations to the sight in her left eye.  As always, we are so grateful for those who pray with us, who cry with us, and for now you can smile and laugh and praise God with us! (And you can dance with us in celebration, although I wouldn't recommend dancing on the edge of the rocks at Pole Steeple!)


Unknown said...

Hello Anna's mom

I'm a student, and I'm doing research about Juvenile Arthritis.
I found your blog while I was researching about Juvenile Arthritis.
I read Anna's stories and it's truly amazing how beautiful she has grown up.
You and Anna are the real fighter.

My friends and I are trying to develop a leg brace which helps reduce knee/ankle/foot pain.
I would really appreciate if I could ask you few questions about JRA.
It would help us a lot to really understand the needs of JRA patients.

Tammy Z said...

Hi, I am so sorry that I didn't see this comment until now. Are you on Facebook? You can send me Facebook Message (search for Tammy Barger Zeigler). Or click on the e-mail link on the blog. I will put you in touch with Anna. She can best answer your questions at this point. :)